Today I will not talk about a single person or company but multiple faces which we have seen in silver screen.

Firstly I want to talk about Nina Simon she is an African American musician and also a civil right activist, Nina Posses powerful music and with her unique voice she would often talked about the injustice and discrimination that black people had to face in United States. In her time she got just denial from the radio station and the other platform where she wanted to present her strong songs.

Now I want to introduce another musician belafonte with his boys charm and powerful voice to do the work for him S before he was also civil rights activist and near friend of Martin Luther King jr , due to this the white American media ostracize theme labelled him communist during the age of Mccarthyism witch hunt.


The former NFL quarterback is is famous for taking a knee during the national anthem to protest against police brutality and the judicial Murder of people off colour. Kaepernick lost sport in the team as well as diminished by Patriots who believed that he had insulted the American Troops, He was a free agent a ever since.

Do you remember Sir Don Bradman Sir. Don Bradman made with South African president john voster during the height of apartheid during his years as a cricket administrator. Voster was of the opinion that black people for people of gradient black were inferior and so that it can be a curse on the game of Cricket Bradman then reportedly asked him if he news who said Gary sobers . After that he came back to Australia and said “we will not play them until they choose a team on non-racist” following that he cancelled Australia tour of South Africa.

And now coming to our favourite boxer Mohammed Ali . He is the greatest boxer of all time and was also one of the fiercest defender of Human Rights on the planet when his name was drafted during the illegal war in Vietnam Ali promptly refused to go. His this decision not only cost him heavyweight title belt but the man also had to spend his Prime years in jail he had very famous said my conscience Don’t Let Me Go shoot my brother of some Dhaka people or some poor hungry people in the mud for big powerful America and should them for what they never called me Nigger they never lynched me didn’t put no dogs on me, didn’t rob me of my nationalit, rape and kill my mother and father should them for what? how can I shoot them poor people just take me to jail.”

I don’t know why people become so Hippocratic when the matters come about colour. Tommie Smith and John Carlos each of them raise a black fist during the national anthem they were also wearing black socks in wear at that time to raise awareness about Black poverty this duo had other symbols it’s like metaphor on them protesting the lynching and models of black people in America this whole scenario had take place during the medal ceremony in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico.


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