A farmer in Karnataka designed a unique watermill to generate electricity, got praised by VVS Laxman

A farmer in Karnataka has caught everyone’s attention by coming up with a sustainable solution that generates electricity for his house. Siddappa, the man behind the invention used plastic tubs and timber to create a water mill that can generate electricity upto 150 watts when water flows in the canal near his house.  

Necessity is the mother of invention. This beautiful idea came into Siddappa’s mind when Hubli Electricity Supply Company Limited (HESCOM) denied electricity supply to his home being located in a very remote area.

Guess what Siddappa’s unique water mill caught the attention of the cricket superstar VVS Laxman. VVS Laxman shared the picture of the mill on his twitter handle and said “Incredible- A farmer from rural Karnataka, Siddappa has designed a water mill to generate electricity and operates it in the canal near his house. He spent just Rs. 5,000 on the construction, and gets 150 watts of power from this water mill when water flows in the canal.”







Later on VVS also said that “The only obstacle is that canal has water for only few months in a year. He could generate electricity for the entire village if he could get a regular supply of water through the canal. Siddappa is an example of how one can bring a larger change without having enough resources”







After VVS’ tweet, a lot of Twitter users appreciated VVS Laxman for sharing the story and the farmer for creating this unique invention.





Quick fact: The mill created by the farmer could generate enough electricity to light up to 10 bulbs of 60 watts and two TV sets.  


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