We know entrepreneurship can’t be measured in the basics of exchanging money , venture branding, or in turn over . Despite of everything it can be made by how much this influence can serve for community.

Harshit Poddar and Anuvrat Saboo, both in their 20s, embarked on their entrepreneurial journey in 2017 and founded clean energy startup SafEarth. The Ranchi-headquartered startup is an online B2B SaaS platform that brings together solar power users, component manufacturers, financiers, and execution companies of a renewable energy project online. This project also claims to provide consumers with the best quality solar projects for lower prices, and also the tools that the consumer need to, manage the same.

This platform consists of 3 part. One is project management tool another one is a b2b ecommerce platform which hello vendors to purchase the required equipment for their own solar plants from manufacturers in the last part is a project marketplace .

“We can reduce the cost of a project by nearly seven to 10 percent, reduce time consumption by 40 to 50 percent, and errors to an absolute zero,” Harshit tells

Anubrat and Harshit both friend from 2014, get into same college that is rv college of engineering in Bengaluru. After enrolling in the college they had realised that the prices of renewable power much less then conventional cost of fossils fuel like school oil natural gas power. also have to consider. That point that both Anuvrat and harshit why always concern about the environment. Also according to the world economic forum w e f is telling new solar panels is cheaper than are compatible in huntsman in school natural gas other sources will options and this become a critical point for them in the journey towards finding sustainable solution to save the planet.

In that time division was clear about what they were going to do so inspired by this after the graduation the do decided to work in the clean energy sector and jointer renewable energy start-up to understand space better. Birthday were another sectors of this power planting group which slacking the potential according to those two friend they realize several systemic defects within the sister that was talking the industrial from reaching its true potential.

We felt that this industry needed a new, more customer-centric approach, and only then could it scale up and save the world. We decided that the only way to do that would be to build a company, which would operate as the world’s go-to clean energy platform that solves the problems consumers face when adopting clean power,” Harshit says.

This aspire two boys to start their safearth in 2017. Bootstrap with the co-founder personal savings the subsequently days undisclosed funding from friends and family.

“Today, our platform has facilitated a net investment of over Rs 100 crore into renewable energy projects in India. The platform is used by some of the leading corporates in the country, including Toyota, Golcha Associated, Graphite India, and the CK Birla Group,” Anuvrat adds.

They have check out some plans like in the next five years the startup aims to create a platform that provides Global consumer with the tools and information which they will require to buy and manage their renewable energy assets.

“Growth is painful change is painful but nothing is painful as staying stalked in a place where you don’t belong”.

Source: YourStory

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