Telangana Cop Helps 300 Elderly Get Treatment for Eye Ailments

It’s all started in a morning of November 2020

Deputy Superintendent of Police N Uday Reddy conducting a routine field visit. And as the part of community relations development the 30 years old officer was in the tribal Hamlet of dump the village in the integrated tribal Development Agency area(ITDA) area.

During his duty time elderly person walked up to him and so are written application the paper kite a request seeking medical care for 20 people in that area who had lost their vision due to eye cataract or any others eye ailments. There are some remote areas which have cut-off from urban areas so it is difficult for them to access proper Healthcare.

The whole operational service starts with 20 villagers and now the scaled UP to benefit around 300 in the past 2 months. Ready who is from utnoor in Adilabad ddistrict has taken all tasks on his shoulder to help those people who has suffered for those problems and out of their own expense.

In his words “I, along with other subordinates, make frequent visits to 552 remote villages under my jurisdiction. Residents often demand temporary roads in forest areas, clean water provisions, electricity, and other daily needs. But this was the first time a health-related request came from the elderly,”

Uday tried a lot for development and for solving B problems elder villages. He wrote a concerned departments forwarding the request from villagers but received no response. But after a few weeks he wrote again a letter to L V Prasad Eye Institute and Amma diagnostics requesting medical assistance and fortunately the doctors agreed to screen the patients and suggested their treatment accordingly.

But after sometimes the project not only Bounce itself to him but it expands it says that the officers also reached out to other villages to identify the person suffering from vision oil means and then found about 600 patients and they aregistered for treatment, however maximum of the patients cannot afford the payment for the surgery or eye wear for pre-operative screening and after the troubled by this did the decided to pay for the procedure with his own salary.

“There was a need to intervene and address health issues of The villages and I believe in good work and could manage the expenses” Uday

In charge of him he established more than 550 medical camps to screen and identify patients and held over 70 eye surgeries by his own money.

The eye ailments limited the villager’s ability to move around, especially at night. The medical camps and operations have made the elderly more independent,” quoted Durgu Patel, head of the adivasi community of Adilabad.

Uday says that other than addressing health concerns, his team is also working to involve the youth in the community. “The aim is to understand individual requirements for education, organise job fairs, sports events, and make them aware of cybercrime and fake news, as well as job opportunities in the police department. Corporates such as Amazon, Flipkart, and others, have recruited people from this area,” he says.

We all appreciate his work and also aware that fact that we still can rely on cop .

Source: The Better India

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