I don’t know if u remember or not ! But i can easily recall “pan pasand” those candies were paan flavoured mouth freshener that left a red layer of colour to made as feel like we have already grown up adults. Even the mango mood , wrapped in shiny yellow and green wrapper, it was like heaven to us !

But the interesting fact is that candy company, that formed some of the most cherished memories for the 80s and 90s kids, which was also responsible for cconverting a backward region of Maharashtra into a township? Or that it is that had generated employment and revenue for thousands of villagers and farmers respectively? Because we have to consider the title of this article as true as death. The amazing tale of Ravalgaon starts with the cliché ‘Once upon a time’ and it does have a happy and impactful journey.

You maybe shocked but this all started with a train journey Walchand, who was born to a business family in Solapur, was already a known face when he set up Ravalgaon.

Hailed as ‘Father of the Indian Transportation Industry’ Walchand had his fingers in many pies, right from the Walchand Industries Limited (1908) that pioneered railway tunnels, to laying the foundation of India’s first swadeshi shipping company, the Scindia Shipyard (rechristened as Hindustan Shipyard Limited when it was nationalized), to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and Premier Automobiles—India’s first indigenous automobile manufacturers.


In the words of Nihal Doshi, Executive Director of Ravalgaon, it was during a train journey when someone directed Walchand to a small village in Maharashtra’s Nashik district called Ravalgaon in the early 1900s.

“A government official informed him about thousands of acres of semi-arid land that could be utilised for agricultural purposes. So, he purchased 1,500 acres of barren land and started clearing it of rocks and stones with the help of machinery from his construction business. He foresaw that India’s economic development cannot be without a farmer’s contribution and thus promoted sugarcane cultivation in the region. This was at a time when sugarcane was not yet the leading player in agriculture but his penchant for exploring uncharted territory worked,”

Walchand got engineering , chemists and agriculturists to experiment with various crops after replacing the stones with fertile soils. Then after a decade of trial and experiments he zeroed on sugarcane and established one of India’s first sugar mills.

It’s important to know that in 1933, he incorporated Ravalgoan sugar farm limited and seven years later, the productions of confectionery began under the Ravalgoan brand. After that Walchand replicated a similar model in 1934 in Kalamb (200 km from Pune) that is now fondly referred to as Walchandnagar.

Here we can found a amazing symbiosis, cause we find that farmers got a direct market for their sugarcane produce and vendors for a new supply chain, as those two mills in two places generated employment in the entire Nasik belt.

There foremost success story based upon a key word. That is authenticity. No man can raise fingers on their 22000 certified factory has ten products and all of them are 100 per cent vegetarian and prepared using natural ingredients including mango pulp, milk, coffee powder and so on. As i have already said “Authenticity” has been the key principle of Ravalgaon from the very beginning. And we have hear that the company often works in collaboration with farmers to guide them on using best farming practices and encouraging for the sustainable initiatives in the factory.

“Interestingly, the whole factory is environment-friendly and energy-efficient as it utilises only the water from the cane itself for production, produces its energy and even offers excess energy to the township. The factory is surrounded by thousands of trees planted as part of a green initiative. Anti-pollution measures taken by Ravalgaon include an effluent treatment plant and fly-ash arresters in boilers,” writes Malathy Sriram, the editor of The Small Supplement, an online magazine for children.

Now let’s know about the journey of these candies from Doordarshan to social media

Those day whole India intended to make connection wires by Doordarshan. And by 10 sec adds they creatively melted all their fan’s heart.

They emphasize in ideology , what if the situation you can always stay calm as water by having their candies. I would like to suggest you all to see those advertisement, to understand the scenario fully .

They also created sentimental advertisement like wise mother always choose Ravalgaon for her children .

And this way from old school TV advertisement to recent social media attachments…Ravalgaon has always been conquered our heart.

A forgotten village of maharashtra gave birth of India’s most popular candy industry. “ chaliye kuch mitha ho jaye”

Image Sources: The Better IndiaAastha1992

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