We saw our retired family member having their retirement days in various ways, some of them watch TV, some of them read book , family gossips , morning walk, in order to spend the rest of their life.

But I like to introduce you with KV Sasidharan the teacher who has made over hundred organic plant trays at home in Kerala Kannur district to germinate seeds. Palm leaves and plantain leaves can be used to make the eco-friendly trays.

Industrialist generally used plastic trays to do all the experiments and other stuffs but we know plastic stops are so harmful for us as well as for our environment regarding this thought our retired school teacher is doing his part for the environment by showing others how to cultivate vegetables in a more eco-friendly manner through trays.

“Plastic trays are generally used to germinate seeds in nurseries and houses. Once the saplings are replanted, the plastic trays are discarded. I was disturbed to see plastic trays strewn about on roads and other places. That is how I began to make eco-friendly plant trays at home,” KV Sasidharan tells.

he made over 100 organic plant trays with plantain leaves in last two months. Those trays can be also made by palm leaves he add.

According to our teacher “I have germinated seeds of different vegetables including okra, cucumber, brinjal , chilli, ash gourd, tomato, and snake gourd in plantain leaf trays at home. Within five days, the seeds began to germinate and then I planted the seedlings in soil with the organic trays. I would also recommend coconut husk as a better alternative to plastic trays,” those trays can help also to save time, cost and most importantly effort. He adds “I would also recommend coconut husk as a better alternative to plastic trays,”

He has also made a beautiful garden of his own. When he was telling us about his beautiful garden he says “I get vegetables like tomato, chilli, eggplant, cucumber and many more from my garden. I don’t waste the remaining vegetables. I sell them in a nearby shop and get over Rs 1,000 for my produce.”

But still he doesn’t has any plan to sale his trays.

Once again he proof that teaching is not an profession but it is a duty that every man has to be served for his own society rather for his own community, his own country. If you go to our teacher sir sasidharan he will happily teach you how to make the eco-friendly plant trays and the things required for is very simple things .

After retirement he was also make the students aware of Environmental Protection and why they shouldn’t use drugs though special classes.

In the end he said something that melts all of our hearts. we really appreciate that. In the end he had add “I get around Rupees 1500 for each classes and I donate the money to patients who are suffering from cancer and kidney related disease”

Source: The Better India


Aditya Santra
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