Work from Road 3 Friends Cycle From Mumbai To Kanyakumari Without Missing Work

A few months into the lockdown, three friends started their bicycle journey from Mumbai armed with a laptop, hotspot & one bag. They passed Pune, Satara, Kolhapur, Belgaum, Hubli, Davanagere, Bengaluru, Salem, Madhuri and Tirunelveli before stopping in Kanyakumari.


The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail


“At the first phase of lockdown we hoped that it will be efficient as it make us stay at home. But after 2 months we had easily find that an irritation, an anger developed through-out the whole country”. According to psychologist

It’s the loss of freedom that could be contributing to our lockdown anger too – which isn’t too much of a surprise. Being cooped up isn’t ideal, especially as restrictions in many areas had been lifted enough to allow for some precarious normality to return to our lives. Now there’s the possibility of once more completely losing our normal ways of venting frustration – talking to friends over a coffee, hitting the gym, or seeing family members.By the rule of evolution diferent person react differently, but the interesting part come from that also.


Bakcen George, Allwyn Joseph and Ratish Bhalerao , they were also bored and frustrated with working from home. They have named their expedition as ‘WORK FROM CYCLE’, a spin to the culture of “ WORK FROM HOME”. When they were cycling through Tamil Nada’s Muppandal region, they decided to halt at a random spot. the 31-year-old notice something different about the breezy village. He sees a barrage of windmills, stationed at almost every kilometre. A quick Google search tells him they had entered Asia’s largest windmills cluster – with more than 3000 windmills.




This Mumbai-based trio left their homes on November 21 and peddled their way to Kanyakumari in 24 days. They covered a distance of 1687 kilometre without missing even a single day of work. They cycled an average of 80 kilometres every day, starting at 4 am. By 11 they would stop and set up their makeshift workspace wherever they were – mountain, highways or farms. Bakcen and Allwyn work in a digital media firm and a logistics company respectively, and Ratish is a freelancer. They share the challenges, accidental discoveries, and handling of their backpacks and gadgets on their excruciating yet beautiful journey Ambarnath-based Bakcen has been on a couple of cycle expeditions before this. Being an avid cyclist, he always wanted to peddle his way to India’s southernmost point. He saw the pandemic-induced WFH as an opportunity to tick one his ‘Bucket List’ points. Just two days before his trip, he asked Ratish and Allwyn if they wanted to tag along.

“Ratish and I neither had a cycle nor an experience of a cycle expedition. The only motivation was breaking away from our dull routine, exploring new places and having a good time. This was also an opportunity to figure out if balancing work on a trip is possible,” says Allwyn. With no prior training, the duo trusted Bakcen, purchased new cycles and left from Kalyan. In a small backpack, each carried 4-5 pairs of clothing, a repair kit, and gadgets like their laptop and chargers.

Work from Road 3 Friends Cycle From Mumbai To Kanyakumari Without Missing Work

They also have to care about the journey to be budget-friendly. Keeping in mind office timings, the plan was to cycle daily between 4-11 am, set up a makeshift workplace and check into the nearest hotel in the evening. Initially, they were to take the coastal route, but Ratish’s cycle broke down by the time they reached Nerul, so they had to reroute, purchase a new cycle and take National Highway 44.


The first couple of days were not easy. They made errors in distance judgments and even slowed down due to body pain. But neither of them complained nor contemplated aborting the mission.From dhabas to small eateries, tapris to restaurants, and even open farm fields – the trio worked in varying places. Due to the lockdown, they found most places empty, and the owners were welcoming enough. They would charge their devices, make video calls and even take power naps in the afternoon. Post 5 pm, they would hop onto their cycles and head for their hotels.

Their experiences included eating dosas made on coal for the first time, a small eatery in Hubli that served the most delicious biryani and a few words from local dialects. Of course, the highlight of the trip was discovering the windmill town.

Upon reaching Kanyakumari, their final destination, they completed the day’s work and then went for local sightseeing. They returned home via train. The entire trip was completed at Rs 25,000 per head, making it budget-friendly.


In their word “Your body will ache and break you; challenges will come your way, but a strong mind and right attitude will help in dealing with them. Go out and start cycling, without waiting for the right time, a perfect cycle, friends, accessories etc. All you need is a basic cycle and the right mindset to complete this kind of trip,”

A major aspect of the success equation has to do with being GOOD to yourself . Treating yourself with kindness and encouragement along your life journey. It’s important to celebrate all victories large and small on the journey toward fulfilling your dreams

It all begins with recognizing that you are a successful individual RIGHT NOW, and your successes can only go up from here.


We all appreciate their inspiration from the bottom of our heart.

Image Source: The Better India

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